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Hussar Monument, Frankfurt

A lone war memorial in the centre of converging roads, looking untouched and unloved. This can be found next to the Ludwig Erhard lake.

Created by the sculptor Carl Hochscheidt, the Husarendenkmal is made entirely of limestone.

It consists of an octagonal three-level platform which is designed in the form of the Iron Cross. In the middle of which stands a square, upward-widening shaft which tapers at the top. On each side there is a crown and three stars.

The front is dedicated to the dead of the First World War, 13th Hussars Regiment, on the back the inscription, written in Latin " Invictis victi victuri", translated as "the undefeated - the vanquished who will win".

The sides of the monument bear the words "Our Fallen have become our Manner: Life is worth nothing that is not lived in faithful fulfillment of duty to the Fatherland. Only the people will be respected in the world, its history and its dead honors himself".