... Photographing The World...

A word about my work

My name is Chris Bloy and I live in the UK, but travel the world for an international company installing wireless and technology services in the hospitality sector. During my spare time, I love to capture the world with my camera, consisting of an Olympus EM-D10, Canon EOS D70 and my trusty iPhone 6. With modern phones, images can be captured at any moment and edited on the move, so I tend to use this method to take candid shots without carrying a large DSLR or other type camera. My main interests are Landscape, Portraits, Aviation and candid on street pictures that is a once in a lifetime moment. The site will only have those images I consider worthy of being displayed in my online gallery, and hope you agree with my selection. If you wish to view all of my images, please navigate your way to my flickr account at